Self Organizing Federalism: Coordination of Fragmented Authority

Location and Date

Wakulla Spring Conference Center
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
February 2009


What are the strengths, possibilities and limitations of voluntary exchanges and agreements among independent authorities created to resolve the problems of fragmentation?  This question informed much of research contribution that John Scholz made in his career at Florida State.  A distinguished group of scholars honored his contributions to answering this question through presentation research influenced by Scholz.  The Local Governance Research Lab at Florida State University organized this research workshop to bring together leading national and international scholars who have been students and colleagues of John Scholz.

This gathering honored the career of John Scholz, who retired in Spring 2014. During this workshop, scholars presented research examining the emergence, evolution and performance of self-organizing policy networks to address problems of fragmented authority in the governance of local water, land use, development and other issues.


I. Local Government Agreements

II. Collaboration in Local Policy Arenas