RCN Workshop: “Policy Actors and Governance for Healthy Sustainable Cities: Theories and Analysis”

Location and Date

Florida State University
May 30-31, 2017



Hosted by the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy and the College of Social Science and Policy at Florida State University, this workshop introduces scholars and students from multiple disciplines to social science theories of policy making, collective decisions and governance drawn from policy science, public administration and political economy. The sessions include introductions to theoretical frameworks such as Socio-Ecological Systems, Political Market and Policy Conflict, Institutional Collective Action, and Urban Socio-Ecological Infrastructural Systems and their application.

Workshop sessions provide introductory training on the applications of innovative policy methodologies, including: Quantitative Text Analysis, Public Finance Analysis, Stochastic Social Network Analysis and Sematic Network Analysis. These sessions will be led be leading scholars and include applications RCN and SRN research.