Local Benefits of City Sustainability

Location and Date

Devoe Moore Center, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fl
February 23-25, 2012

Abstracts & Papers 


Can local government sustainability and climate protection programs produce economic efficiencies, generate economic development, and improve human health in communities?   Much of the discourse on sustainability has taken place at the national and state levels, but it is local governments that have assumed a leading role in implementation. The rapid adoption and diffusion of city level energy and climate protection policies in the absence of strong state or federal incentives poses a curious puzzle for social science theories of policy adoption and collective action.  Why do local officials pursue climate mitigation initiatives when the benefits must be shared?  We want to explore the co-benefits of sustainability efforts including:  economic development; transportation, land use and energy efficiency; and the protection of the environment and human health.  Are these co-benefits realized in practice?  To what extent do they allow local officials to overcome the collective action problems of local climate protection?  How do co-benefits shape policy design and implementation? The workshop brought together top scholars to present research focused on local climate mitigation. 

Abstracts & Papers

  • Ramaswami, Anu - University of Minnesota (UMN)
    Societal Participation Rates in Carbon Mitigation Programs in US Cities: Case Study of Denver, Co
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Berke, Phillip - University of North Carolina (UNC); Lyles, Ward - University of North Carolina (UNC)
    Public Risks and the Challenges to Climate Adaptation: A Proposed Framework for Planning in the Age of Uncertainty
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Burge, Gregory S. - University of Oklahoma (OU); Ihlanfeldt, Keith R. - Florida State University (FSU)
    Sustainable Urban Growth and Development Impact Fees
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Coutts, Christopher - Florida State University (FSU)
    Human health in The London Plan: How health is framed in a world city’s spatial development and climate action strategy
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Daley, Dorothy M. - University of Kansas (KU); Sharp, Elaine B. - University of Kansas (KU); Bae, Jungah - Florida State University (FSU)
    Understanding City Engagement in Community-Focused Sustainability Initiatives
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Elgin, Dallas - University of Colorado Denver (UC Denver); Weible, Christopher M. - University of Colorado Denver (UC Denver)
    Differentiating City-Level Policy Analytic Capacity for Climate and Energy Issue
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Kassekert, Anthony - George Washington University (GWU); Feiock, Richard - Florida State University (FSU); Terman, Jessica - George Mason University (GMU); Yang, Kaifeng - Florida State University (FSU)
    City Sustainability Policy Performance and Inter-Organizational Collaboration
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Gerber, Elisabeth R. - University of Michigan (UMich); Hopkins, Daniel J. - Georgetown University 
    Partisanship, Partisan Context, and Local Climate Policy
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Hawkins, Christopher V. - University of Central Florida (UCF); Wang, XiaoHu - City University of Hon
    Economic Development and Sustainable Cities
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Huang, James Chaomeng - National Taipei University, Taipei, Taiwan; Berry, Frances S. - Florida State University (FSU)
    Going Green with Sustainable Development and Energy Policies: A National Survey of Taiwanese Local Government
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Krause, Rachel M. - University of Kansas (KU)
    The motivations behind municipal climate planning: An empirical assessment of how local objectives shape the production of a public good
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Portney, Kent E. - Tufts University
    Local Sustainability Policies and Programs as Economic Development: Is the New Economic Development Sustainable Development?
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Staley, Samuel R. - Florida State University (FSU)
    Implementing Sustainable Development on the Local Level: Governance, Institutions, and the Effectiveness of Policy Implementation
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Svara, James H. - Arizona State University (ASU); Watt, Tanya C. - Arizona State University (ASU)
    Who's Getting on the Sustainability Train and Why?
    (Abstract) (Paper)
  • Ramírez de la Cruz, Edgar E. - Center for Teaching and Research in Economics, CIDE