Downloads and Requests

The ICSD exists in three related forms, containing raw data, harmonized data, and data imputed through a multiple imputation process.  Due to IRB and confidentiality commitments we cannot make the raw data associated with each survey or the level one harmonized data publicly available.  The harmonized level two and level three data are currently available to download. The description, sample, and identification code associated with each of the harmonized level two and three variables available are at the attached link.  Specific variables from the level one harmonized data and the multiple imputation data may be requested through the process described below. The full 2nd generation ICSD multiple imputed data is now available to download.   We are committed to developing processes for sharing and ensuring the accurate use of the imputed data.

Download the ICSD-G1 level 2 & 3 variables here.

Download the ICSD-G2 imputed data here.

If you have any questions about either dataset, please send an email to In the email, indicate your name and organization, provide a short description of your research and question. 

Please Use the Following Citation If You Use Any Of The ICSD Variables:

  • Feiock, Richard C., Rachel M. Krause, Christopher J. Hawkins, and Cali Curley. (2014). “The Integrated City Sustainability Database.”  Urban Affairs Review, 50(4), 577-589.
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