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Hawkins, C. Krause R., Curely, C., & Feiock, R. (2016). "Making Meaningful Commitments: Accounting for Variation in Cities’ Investments of Staff and Fiscal Resources to Sustainability" Urban Studies, doi: 10.1177/0042098015580898

Krause, R. Feiock, R. & Hawkins. C. (2016). "The Administrative Organization of Sustainability within Local Government," Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 26 (1): 113-127.

Krause, Rachel, Hongtao Yi and Richard C Feiock. 2016. Applying policy termination theory to the abandonment of climate protection initiatives by U.S. local governments. Policy Studies Journal, 44 (2):176-195.

Feiock, R., Krause R., Hawkins, & C. Curely, C. (2014). The Integrated City Sustainability Database, Urban Affairs Review 50 (4), 577 – 589.


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