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The Integrated City Sustainability Survey Database

The Integrated City Sustainability Survey Database
This project builds the first truly comprehensive data set of U.S. municipal government sustainability programs and policies.  Taking advantage of the unique opportunity to combine seven independent data collection efforts, it will not only provide a valuable resource for scholars in multiple disciplines investigating local environmental and energy sustainability, but will also add missing elements to the research infrastructure for the study of local government policy in general.

The Integrated City Sustainability Database (ICSD) inventories municipal sustainability programs, institutions, administrative arrangements, political contexts and policy instruments. The first generation ICSD will merge separate surveys into one comprehensive national database, harmonizing survey data by matching questions across surveys for all 2,825 municipal respondents. The second generation ICSD will employ a Bayesian multiple-imputation method to impute values for all seven surveys for the 683 respondent cities with population greater than 50,000.

Given the absence of centralized databases containing relevant, comparable, intercity data, the construction of the ICSD is anticipated to enhance and improve a wide range of individual and collective research efforts and local government sustainability decisions. As the database is constructed over the next years, input will be solicited from urban scholars to maximize its relevance and usability to scholars in multiple disciplines and align future surveys with this baseline data. This ICSD will be archived for public release after full completion and be made widely available to interested scholars, local government managers, and elected officials.



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