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The Local Benefits of Sustainability

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Panel 1:  Connecting Economic Development and Environmental Goals

Kent E. Portney. Local Sustainability Policies and Programs as Economic Development: Is the New Economic Development Sustainable Development? (Discussant: Hoene)

James H. Svara and Tanya C. Watt. Who’s Getting on the Sustainability Train and Why? (Discussant: Elaine Sharp)

Christopher V. Hawkins and XiaoHu Wang. Economic Development and Sustainable Cities. (Discussant:Kaifeng Yang)

Panel 2:  The Dimensions of Local Capacity

Edgar E. Ramírez de la Cruz. The Effect of Municipal Capacity and Political Institutions on Sustainability (Discussant: Charles Barrilleaux)

Frances S. Berry and James Chaomeng Huang. Planning for Sustainable Development and Energy Policies: Actions by Taiwanese Local Governments (Discussant: Dave Cartes)

Dallas Elgin and Chris Weible. Policy Analytic Capacity for Sustainability: An Analysis of Government and Non-Government Actors in Colorado Climate and Energy Issues (Discussant: Butler)

Panel 3:  Motivations/Barriers to Sustainability

Elisabeth R. Gerber and Daniel J. Hopkins. Partisanship, Partisan Context, and Local Climate Policy (Discussant: John Scholz)

Rachel M. Krause. The motivations behind cities’ engagement in climate protection: An empirical assessment of how local objectives shape the production of a public good.(Discussant: Christopher Reenock)

Dorothy M. Daley, Elaine B. Sharp and Jungah Bae. Understanding City Engagement in Community-Focused Sustainability Initiatives (Discussant: Lewis)

Panel 4:  Integrating Plans with Action

Philip Berke. Planning for Resilient Communities in the Age of Climate Change. (Discussant: Christopher Hawkins)

Christopher Coutts. The Role of Human Health in the Spatial Development Plan of a World City: A Focus on London's Response to Climate Change. (Discussant:Karen Bareford)

Samuel R. Staley. Implementing Sustainable Development on the Local Level: Governance, Institutions, and the Effectiveness of Policy Implementation (Discussant: Bruce Benson)

Panel 5:  Implementation:  Linking Policy with Behavior and Outcomes
Gregory S. Burge and Keith R. Ihlanfeldt. Can Impact Fees Help Build Sustainable Communities? (Discussant: Tim Chapin)

Anu Ramaswami. Societal Participation Rates in Carbon Mitigation Programs in US Cities: Case Study of Denver, CO. (Discussant: Eric Coleman)

Richard C. Feiock and Anthony Kassekert. City Sustainability Policy Performance and Inter-organizational Collaboration. (Discussant: Chris Weible)



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