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The Local Benefits of Sustainability

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Anu Ramaswami. Societal Participation Rates in Carbon Mitigation Programs in US Cities: Case Study of Denver, CO. (abstract)(paper)

Philip Berke and Ward Lyles. Public Risks and the Challenges to Climate Adaptation: A Proposed Framework for Planning in the Age of Uncertainty.(abstract) (paper)

Gregory S. Burge and Keith R. Ihlanfeldt. Can Impact Fees Help Build Sustainable Communities? (abstract) (paper)

Christopher Coutts. The Role of Human Health in the Spatial Development Plan of a World City: A Focus on London's Response to Climate Change. (abstract) (paper)

Dorothy M. Daley, Elaine B. Sharp and Jungah Bae. Understanding City Engagement in Community-Focused Sustainability Initiatives.(abstract) (paper)

Dallas Elgin and Chris Weible. Policy Analytic Capacity for Sustainability: An Analysis of Government and Non-Government Actors in Colorado Climate and Energy Issues.(abstract) (paper)

Richard C. Feiock and Anthony Kassekert. City Sustainability Policy Performance and Inter-organizational Collaboration. (abstract) (paper)

Elisabeth R. Gerber and Daniel J. Hopkins. Partisanship, Partisan Context, and Local Climate Policy.(abstract) (paper)

Christopher V. Hawkins and XiaoHu Wang. Economic Development and Sustainable Cities. (abstract) (paper)

James Chaomeng Huang and Frances S. Berry. Planning for Sustainable Development and Energy Policies: Actions by Taiwanese Local Governments.(abstract) (paper)

Rachel M. Krause. The motivations behind cities’ engagement in climate protection: An empirical assessment of how local objectives shape the production of a public good.(abstract) (paper)

Kent E. Portney. Local Sustainability Policies and Programs as Economic Development: Is the New Economic Development Sustainable Development? (Abstract) (paper)

Samuel R. Staley. Implementing Sustainable Development on the Local Level: Governance, Institutions, and the Effectiveness of Policy Implementation (abstract) (paper)

James H. Svara and Tanya C. Watt. Who’s Getting on the Sustainability Train and Why? (abstract) (paper)

Edgar E. Ramírez de la Cruz and Heidi Jane Smith. The Effect of Municipal Capacity and Political Institutions on Sustainability. (abstract) (paper)



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