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Federalism, Service Delivery & Contracting

The Federalism, Service Delivery & Contracting Project is focused on empirically testing explanations for local service delivery arrangements based on theories of relational contracting and transaction costs. This project focuses on privatization and local service provision and production choices. Current work includes studies of the influence of political institutions and turnover on service delivery arrangement, changes in production arrangements, and a study of the role on nonprofit organizations in delivering local services. This project has been supported by the DeVoe Moore Center and the Aspen Institute Nonprofit Sector Research Fund grant "Nonprofits as Local Government Contractors."


Review Essay


"A Transaction Cost Theory of Federalism"


New and Ongoing Projects


Third Party Federalism (3PF)
This project develops and tests a theory of third party federalism to capture how contractors and contracting design influence implementation of intergovernmental programs with surveys and administrative records of implementation of energy efficiency and conservation grants.


Transaction Cost Federalism (TCF)
This investigates how state constraints shape local policy choices by building a data set of state constitutional provisions, home authority, and policy delegations and linking state constraints to local development sustainability and collaboration in multilevel models.




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