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ICA & Local Governance

The Institutional Collective Action (ICA) and Local Governance Project focuses on the role of institutional collective action (ICA) in the formation, evolution, and performance of voluntary approaches to local governance. Current research applies ICA to the investigation of networks of interlocal agreements, regional districts, and regional partnership organizations. This project is supported by the DeVoe Moore Center and grants from the National Science Foundation.


Review Essay


"The Institutional Collective Action Framework"



New and Ongoing Projects


Evolution of Development Collaboration in the Orlando Region (EDCOR)
Actor-oriented models of change in development network relationships among governments are examined combining networks surveys conducted in 2006, 2009 and 2012


Policy Networks and Policy (PNAP)
One and two-mode communication networks in Florida's metropolitan regions are linked to policy choices.


Administrative Organization and Sustainability
Using a the ICSD and the Portney and Berry agency directors survey we examine how agency mission, administrative structure, and director experience and preferences shape development and sustainability decisions.





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