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Boundaries, Districts and Finance

The Boundaries, Districts and Finance program investigates the design, development, and fiscal impacts of formal institutions. This research program encompasses two distinct subprojects: Boundaries & Districts, and Local Government Finance. The Boundaries and Districts program is focused on historically and empirically testing explanations for boundary change based on a collective action theory and examining the roles of institutions, incentives, and entrepreneurs in local boundary changes including annexation, municipal incorporation, charter schools, homeowner associations, special districts, and city-county consolidations. The Finance program investigates the influence of different institutions and governance structures on local government policy and fiscal choices. An institutional transaction cost framework is applied to identify how formal and informal institutions shape the incentives of local government elected officials and administrators.


Review Essay


"Incentives, Enterpreneurs, and Boundary Change: A Collective Action Framework"


New and Ongoing Projects


A model of annexation, incorporation and districts
This research investigates the choices among boundary instruments and complimentary or substitutive relationships among them by tacking governance of unincorporated areas over several decades.




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