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Recent Publications 

Scholz, John, Ramiro Berardo, and Brad Kile. 2008. Do Networks Solve Collective Action Problems? Credibility, Search, and Collaboration. [ File Download ]


Feiock, Richard C. 2008. "Institutional Collective Action and Local Government Collaboration," Chapter 10 in Big Ideas in Collaborative Public Management, Rosemary O’Leary and Lisa Bingham (eds.) M.E. Sharpe Press, March 2008. [ File Download ]


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Feiock, Richard, M. Jae Moon, and Hyung-Jun Park. 2007. "Is the World 'Flat' or 'Spiky'? Rethinking the Governance Implications of Globalization for Economic Development," Public Administration Review 68(1): 1-19. [ File Download ]  ※ Link to commentary on this article.


Lee, In Won and Hyung Jun Park. 2007. "Choosing Sides: Formation of Regional Partnership for Economic Development in Metropolitan Area and Landscape Theory of Aggretation," International Review of Public Administration 12(1): 63-79. [ File Download ]


Carr, Jered B., Kelly LeRoux, Richard C. Feiock, and Manoj Shrestha. 2007. "Trust, Transaction Costs, and Service Production Decisions: An Institutional Collective Action Explanation," Prepared for the 9th National Public Management Research Conference, Tucson, Arizona, October 25-27th, 2007. [ File Download ]


Jeong, Moon-Gi. 2007. "Local Political Structure, Administrative Capacity, and Revenue Policy Choice," State and Local Government Review 39 (2): 84-95. [ File Download ]


Feiock, Richard C., James Clingermayer, Manoj Sherestha, and Carl Dasse. 2007. "Contracting and Sector Choice Across Different Types of Municipal Services," State and Local Government Review 39(2): 72-83. [ File Download ]


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