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Research Project 2 (2013-2014)
Research Timeline

Stage 1
Aug - Sep 2013
Review and assessment of existing typologies
Oct - Feb 2014
Implementation of online survey
Feb - March 2014
Analysis of online survey
March 2014
Final assessment of codes to industry category types
Stage 2
Jan - Feb 2014
Add establishment data for 2011 and 2012 to current data base
March - April 2014
Extract firms in green solid waste and recycling sectors
based on the list of establishment codes constructed in stage one
April - May 2014
Aggregate establishments in these sectors to cities and counties
May - June 2014
Collect and add demographic and fiscal data for cities and counties
Stage 3
June 2014
Re-analysis of county data with extended time period and
isolating waste collection, waste disposal and treatment,
recycling reliant industries, and reuse
June - July 2014
Analysis of city level data and examining relationships between
green jobs and waste management programs, as well as fiscal
and community characteristics
July 2014
Preparation of draft report for review by Hinckley Staff and TAG
August 2014
Submission of Final Reports